Being a lover of music, specifically Hip-Hop Music, is something that I would consider a passion of mine. My name is Iquil and you could say that I am a well versed Hip-Hop aficionado. I love practically everything about the culture and have been deeply rooted into the genre since 2001.

I am not your typical fan, who knows only of the music that is played on the radio or television. I am also not the fan who confines to others around me when it comes to topics or debates on the culture. I’ll explain to you how I became familiar with Hip-Hop.


It All Started With A CD…

Waaay back in yesteryear (2000-2001 to be exact), I had aspirations to become something extraordinary. The caveat? I just didn’t know what that extraordinary thing was. The first goal that I tried to accomplish was becoming a football player. The only problem was, I was extremely short, and wasn’t too fond of getting tackled. So that profession was out of the question.
Fast forward all the thoughts of becoming a fireman, astronaut, chemist, etc. I couldn’t find a one thing that could hold my attention enough for me to want to follow through with it. That is until I managed to get my hands on my brother’s bootleg copy of The Blueprint by Jay-Z. From the moment I heard the intro, I was engulfed in the lyrics. I turned to every surface imaginable and began beatboxing and drumming Izzo (H.O.V.A.) I would go on to listen to that album for months and years to come, so much in fact that the CD began to skip and become unplayable.



But It Didn’t Stop There…

I then became fascinated with obtaining new music any chance I could. Tuesdays were spent heading over to Best Buy and walking over to the listening station (remember those?) to sample new music. After about 2-3 hours of sifting through the rack of CD’s, I would make my decision based off of the amount of cash that I had present and walk out of the store with the eager anticipation of ripping open the packaging read the credits. In high school, I was referred to as the “boy with the headphones”. From the time I woke up, to walking to the bus stop, to moving from home room to first period class, I had my headphones in, drowning out all the noise that deemed as not worthy of my time.

Fast Forward To Today

A decade ago, large corporations were in control of the type of music being distributed via radio & television. With this model in place, the process to get exposure was very difficult. In the Internet Era, consumers now control what type of music they receive from the palm of their hands. There’s subscription-based streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify & Apple Music. There’re video services such as YouTube & Vimeo. And it’s with these types of services that an artist, such as Joyner Lucas, is able to become a household name.


The Goal of

I feel like a lot of good music doesn’t get the recognition that it deserves. As the title suggests, my job is to provide lovers of the culture with content of everything hip-hop, which includes reviews of albums, concerts, producers, apparel, etc.
If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,