Beats By Dre Pill+ Review: Hard to Swallow?




Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, I’m sure you’ve heard the name Beats By Dre or Beats for short when referring to headphones. As the name suggest, they were created by Dr. Dre after stating his frustrations with music piracy and listening to audio with crappy headphones. With the help of Monster, Beats By Dre hit the market and targeted the millennial demographic. Fast forward a few years and the disbandment of Dre & Monster and we’re left with a new merger with Apple & Beats now worth over a billion dollars. That’s all fine and dandy, but how’s the product? Keep scrolling for the Beats By Dre Review of the Pill+ .



How Do You Connect This Thing?

Bluetooth audio for a while wasn’t in the running when it came to my choice of audio speaker because of its spottiness. Even if I was relatively close to the tech I was connecting to, there would be issues with the connectivity. Welcome to 2018: Bluetooth has advanced and now is more reliable than ever. Connectivity was relatively easy with only having to press a few buttons (and reading the tiny instruction manual) and voila! A successful paired device. Apple fanatics should have an even easier time getting the Pill+ up and running.



How’s The Build Quality?

Beats has pulled out all the stops when It comes to the construction of the Pill+. Obviously as the name suggests, it is shaped like a pill and It features a sturdier build than its predecessor with 3 rubber buttons that power the device off and on and adjusts volume. There’s a 4th button at the top where the logo is that’s used for the device pairing. On the back of the device is a charge out port to plug other devices in, an aux jack and the charging port. There’s also nifty rubber piece to protect those ports from dirt and debris. I’m thoroughly impressed with how comfortable it is to hold in the hand. The Pill+ also includes a sock-like case to transport it. It’s not monstrous, but its no small fry either. You can tell Apple had their hands in the redesign of the Pill+ to make it easier on the eyes. Battery life is rated at 12 hours, which should have you jamming at the summer cookouts all day. If you’re running low on juice, use the supplied lightning cable to give it a quick power up over the course of 3 hours.



What does it sound like?

The Pill+ plus sounds pretty damn good. The reason for this is that it has what Beats calls an “active 2-way crossover system”. What exactly does this mean? Each speaker has its very own amplifier. This is the same setup that is used in professional recording studios. This results in a variety of music coming in with more clarity and depth. From the guitar solo at the end of Frank Ocean’s Pyramids, to the heavy bass in Kendrick Lamar’s DNA, everything comes through sounding phenomenal. I’ve seen people use these speakers as part of their home theater system.




As with everything Apple & Beats, pricing can big a pretty big pill to swallow (see what I did there?) when compared to its competitors. The Pill+ originally retails for $179 but can be found in black, gray, olive green, white, or limited edition (PRODUCT)RED for $129 here



Final Thoughts

I’ve owned the Pill+ for over a year and it still holds up like a champ. I’ve since paired it with my Amazon Echo Dot & use it as the main speaker in my household. I would encourage those who are up on the fence about getting one that you won’t be disappointed. Do you have any questions about the Pill+? Leave them in the comments





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