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If you would’ve asked me 10 years ago if podcasts would be as popular as they are, I probably would’ve told you that they would be for the tech savvy people. I still was unfamiliar with the structure of one & thought it was a fad that came along with the iPod craze. The internet has advanced very quickly & has far exceeded my expectations as to how advanced it has become. With Phones in our pockets that are filled with the latest & greatest technology, we can do more than I ever imagined. We have the ability to control things on our terms. If you want to watch a particular video, you simply search on YouTube. If you want to hear a snippet of a song before purchase, you go to the music app store and click the link. And if you want great content from shows in specific niches, then you turn to podcasts. 2014 was when I first began to submerge myself within the podcast community. I realized of the potential impact that they were causing on traditional radio. Podcasts are uncensored compared to its counterpart & can be listened to whenever the subscriber chooses to do so. Content is more relevant to the listener & more personable. I’ve found out very interesting facts from some of my favorite artists that I never would’ve uncovered had it not been for podcast hosts asking great questions. I’ve had time to research listening to many podcasts & I’ve narrowed down the lists to my favorite ones.

Joe Budden Podcast w/ Rory & Mal

This one comes in at the top of the list. Joe Budden is an 20-year veteran who has since retired from music & has taken his talents to the booth in another way. He is joined by long time friends Rory & Mal and covers a variety of topics from the time Joe had an audition for the movie Daredevil to wondering if Jay-Z makes good greens. At the end of the show, they have what they refer to as a “sleeper” which is a song that listening audience may not familiar with.

Tax Season

Although he’s currently incarcerated & dealing with an open case, Tax Season scores high in replay ability & overall enjoyment. Taxstone got his break from being a comedian on Twitter. After seeing how engaged his audience was with his blunt personality, Charlamagne Tha God took a liking and referred him to a few prominent people on the Loud Speakers Network and the rest is history. Tax covered a variety of current events but soon became the go-to guy for great interview with hip-hop artists like Meek Mill & Beanie Sigel.


Drink Champs

For untold hilarious stories that probably would’ve never seen the light of day, look no further than the Drink Champs podcast with hip-hop legend N.O.R.E. & DJ EFN. The two make an excellent duo as they get artists such as Onyx & Brand Nubian to come through & tell tales of experiences over shots of Tiger Bone & loud air horns. They’ve even managed to get DMX to bless them with a prayer. No rock is left upturned & you never know what you’re getting when you tune in.

Brilliant Idiots

Radio Personality Charlamagne Tha God & Comedian Andrew Schulz make up the Brilliant Idiots. The duo covers a variety of topics from race relations in the country, sex, politics, and entertainment. It’s a raw side of Charlamagne that we rarely get to see considering the fact that he’s still co hosting the Breakfast Club w/ Angela Yee & DJ Envy. This is another example of a show where you shouldn’t expect structure, as the topic can be all over the place but still entertaining nevertheless.


Combat Jack

Reginald Joseph “Reggie” Ossé, otherwise known as Combat Jack is a legendary in its own right. Combat was early to the podcast realm before it became cool to do. Truly an individual that was for the culture, he had the pleasure of giving his audience (The Internets) fantastic interviews from The RZA & Just Blaze. What was truly unique was how was able to conduct interviews for extended lengths of time effortlessly. If you’re looking for entertainment with a kick of hip hop knowledge, this is the podcast for you. R.I.P. Combat Jack.

Rap Radar

Rap Radar has been around for quite sometime with their blog posts but they have since done a relaunching of sorts & stepped into the podcasting realm. One of the very few podcasts that have gotten an Interview of Jay-Z (which clocks in at over 90 minutes), Elliott Wilson & Brian “B. Dot” Miller provides an in-depth interview with the hottest acts of today and yesteryear with facts that the average listener may not be privy to. All the episodes used to be in audio form but has since been replaced with video versions.


A Waste Of Time with ItsTheReal

Jeff & Eric Rosenthal are the two hosts of this hilariously funny podcasts. Started in 2015 in their New York apartment, these guys have had the pleasure of engaging in genuine conversation with label execs, rap veterans, influencers & upcoming talent. But don’t get it twisted, they’ve done their due diligence on the person being interviewed. They’re usually so prepared, that they sometimes shock the interviewee with their questions. If you’re looking for a ton of laughs, look no further.


As you can see, the podcasts has come a long way from its initial perception as digital talk for the tech nerds. As of March 2018 there literally 525,000 active shows with 18.5 million episodes, with that number rapidly growing each and every day. From finance to fitness to music & politics, there’s a market to fulfill anything that may be of interest to you. In my opinion it’s only a matter of time before they do away with traditional radio. Do you have a favorite that I left out but feel everyone should know about? Drop a comment in the section.




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6 Comments on “Best Hip Hop Podcasts”

  1. Well I don’t like Rap persea but your site look as good as i hope mine will soon but I am selling products and you are doing hip-hop its all cool just wanted to let you know I may prefer country music your site looks awesome

    • I appreciate that Marleena. I’ve been working at it for a few months.Just continue with the training and yours will be up and running in no time.

  2. Hi,

    Really cool podcast selection! I recently opened my mind to hip-hop (I was more on the metal/Extreme music side for the last 15 years), and I enjoy it more and more!
    Hip-hop is slowly eating its way through my playlists 🙂

    Could you recommend a hip-hop podcast more on the historical side of it?

    I get the feelings to fully enjoy some of the music and lyrics, a knowledge of where it came from and how it evolved is a plus! Knowing the big influential artists, what was on their mind, how it influenced younger artists, etc…

    Thanks a lot and as Marleena said, your site is looking great! 🙂

    • Hey PJ!

      The two podcasts that I would refer you to would be “The Combat Jack Show” & “Drink Champs”. Combat Jack has interviewed many hip-hop artists & label executives that were responsible for the way the genre evolved. Drink Champs has N.O.R.E. (who is an artist himself) having casual conversation and backstories with many of the artists of his era and the one before him. 

      I appreciate the compliment. It’s still a work in progress but it’s good to hear the feedback for it.

      Let me know what you think 

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