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Since its inception, Hip-Hop music has had a correlation with fashion. From the baggy clothes’ era to preppy, how an artist dresses is indicative to how the times are. Rappers also began to become business savvy & started clothing lines. Below is the list of the most popular ones that I can think of relative to the impact that it had.


It’s the Roc! Created by Jay-Z & Dame Dash, Rocawear was founded in 1999 & would go on to be one of the biggest clothing brands of hip-hop. Annual sales reached the heights of $700 million dollars in its peak years. Rocawear had its hand in a variety of items including clothes’ for children and juniors, leather, suede and fur jackets & coats, sandals, socks, handbags, belts, headwear, loungewear, jewelry, big & tall, & sunglasses. Subsidy brands came in the form of State Property, & Pro-Keds. In 2007, the brand was sold for $204 million dollars cash, with Jay-Z still overseeing operations today.

Sean John

Take that, take that! Sean John made its debut in 1999 by Puff Daddy aka Diddy aka P. Diddy & whatever else moniker he goes by. Sean John took the world by store grossing $525 million annually. Diddy had the backing in the community from the likes of Nas, Fabolous, Nelly, T.I. Pharrell, Rick Ross, Busta & many others. Subsidy brands included the acquisition of Enyce for $20 million. The brand covers an assortment of different garments including tailored suits, ties, footwear, hosiery, eyewear, childrenswear, cold weather accessories, fragrances, time pieces, outerwear, underwear, dress shirts, loungewear, & headwear.

Phat Farm

If its one group of people that got the clothing market right, it was the moguls. Russell Simmons is responsible for creating the Phat Farm brand in 1992. To ensure that needs were met for men & women, Kimora Lee Simmons spawned created Baby Phat which is the extension Russell’s foundation company. After building up its equity, Russell sold the company in 2004 for $140 million.


Trukfit was introduced to the world by Lil Wayne in 2012. It’s name stands for “The Reason U Kill For It”. Weird name, but it actually became a fast moving brand with Weezy’s name attached to it. Clothing came in the form of t shirts, sweats, & hoodies.

Billionaire Boys Club

Not only was Pharrell killing the charts with hits, he was also dabbling into the clothing industry with his Billionaire Boys Club collaboration with Nigo, the Japanese founder responsible for A Bathing Ape. With the two working in unison, two brands were born: BBC & Ice Cream sneakers. Reebok was set to back the two brands in 2005 but Pharrell decided to go another route. The clothing line has T-shirts, underwear , sweatshirts, knits, polos, denim, suits and shirts; outerwear in leather, cotton, and various types of fabrics, hats, sneakers, socks and other accessories that are considered high end. Through a joint venture with Jay-Z, BBC’s numbers were able to climb to $30 million annually. Within the last year, Pharrell repossessed stake in the company Iconix & have manufacturing companies in many countries including Mexico & Turkey.


GGG G-Unit! When 50 Cent came onto the scene in 2003 with the certified classic Get Rich or Die Tryin’, he meant that in a literal sense. Teaming up with Selman Hasanaj and Marc Eckō, the G-Unit clothing branded was birthed in 2003. 50 had the world in the palm of his hands, so much in fact that over the course of 6 years, that the brand amassed $100 million. It has since shut down with talks of a relaunching in the future.


What A Time

I remember vividly all of these clothing lines growing up. For me, my go to was Rocawear because one of my favorite rappers endorsed it. And most people know typically what Jay-Z endorses are things that carry prestige. What about you? what do you remember about these brands? Drop a comment





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  1. l still got a black zip up g unit hoodie with red light green and white gs and orange red white and a long sleve shirt with red and white stripes like adidas sorta pattern i still rock it 2019 ggggggg unit and alwayz love ur tunes 50 if u find dis rock on

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