Rap Recording Studio Equipment- The Essentials

Prior to 2007, the entry barrier to get into the music industry was set pretty high. The various channels the individual would have to go through included auditioning. The audition would usually be a “demo tape”, which was a cassette or CD that demonstrated the potential of a person or group of people and was presented to an A&R. A&R stands for Artists & Repertoire, and was the person who would scout the talent. They served as a link between the record label and recording artist. The A&R sole responsibilities included overseeing the recording process as well as assistance with marketing and promotion of the artist. In today’s digital space, many up and coming artists are cutting out the middle man and crafting their art in their own rap recording studio with equipment that rivals major competitors for a fraction of the cost. For the creative person who wants to record music but doesn’t know where to start, Here’s what I find to be the core components to building an own in-home Rap Recording Studio.

First Things First…


Before anything else is acquired, the aspiring artist must first have access to a computer. This is the brains of the entire operation. In this day and age, most computers today come with adequate hardware to allow the artist to get his or her feet off of the ground. There may come a time however that the person might need to upgrade whatever that they have currently to something that has much more processing power. But for now, your current PC should do the trick.


DAW What?

The second item that you’ll need would be a Digital Audio Workstation, or DAW for short. This is a device or application software that is used to edit you music that you will be producing.and will allow you to do the things that many of the current artists out there are doing, like the crazy ad lib and such. Majority of the ones on the market today provide you with the content needed to alter and mix multiple recordings into one final copy. For those that don’t, finding a compatible plugin is a relatively easy task. A few of the more popular ones are Ableton Live, GarageBand and LogicPro.


Mic Check 1,2

Essential item number 3 is referred to as the microphone or mic. This is the device that converts the sounds into an electrical signal. There are a variety of different ones that an artist may have to use but the condenser microphone is the type that is recommended. The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is one of the best all around mics and can be had for under $130.





Studio Monitors

These bad boys are another crucial component to you creative space. Studio monitors aren’t monitors at all but rather loudspeakers that are used for accurate audio replication. They produce the low frequencies that are needed to ensure that there is no distortion in the recordings.




These are pretty self-explanatory. A good set of headphones should cover all the bases: critical listening, mixing and recording. A pair of Behringer HPS3000 studio headphones can be obtained for 20 bucks and does the job that all the other brands do for a fraction of the cost.



Mic Stand

Having a mic stand allows the microphone to be positioned however you want it while recording music. The most basic of all stands is referred to as a straight stand. Some more popular ones are the tripod looking ones that are commonly referred to as the folding tripod base stand. This one allows for portability and reduces the weight of it.




What’s Poppin’

A pop filter is a shield that filters the noise for you microphone. As the name states, its main purpose is to filter out or completely eliminate the “popping” sounds that occurs during the rapping. So when you’re in the zone spitting them fire bars, it helps to keep the actual spit off the microphone. It’s usually comprised of a nylon material or a mesh metal material. The filter made by Innogear that comes with dual filters and an adjustable goose neck that allows for adjustments with ease.



A Good Ear…

Ear training is a skill in which a person is able to hear different pitches and melodies that the traditional person wouldn’t normally hear. In today’s era, there are a vast amounts of software that can aid in assisting the musician to become better in their craft. Ear Master Pro is one the most popular and is widely used across the world.


Wrap It Up, Then!

The advancement in technology in the last 10 years allows the new artist to create their own studio without having to take out a second mortgage. With very few dollars, an artist can have a fully functional studio up and running for under $1000. Do you feel there is something else that is important to have other than what was previously mentioned? Feel free to drop a comment.




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2 Comments on “Rap Recording Studio Equipment- The Essentials”

  1. Hi Iquil,

    The website is very professional. I can see your passion about the music in your site and your writing.

    I love the theme and the fact that you used a “landing page”.

    The artists and other musicians and technicians you review are not familiar to me. That’s because I was 16 years old when Jimi Hendrix was alive. Still, I feel your love of the music – and music certainly defines and reflects the culture, in all cases.

    The beat remains after all these years. I will return to your site, because it has a great feel to the looks and great info, written in a casual, yet authoritative style.

    Good work, all the best of luck to you.


    • Thanks Sue! And I agree- The beat remains and will continue to do so because music is a reflection of events of the past and present. Have an awesome day!

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