Ratings Explained


As a person who listens to more records than the average listener, there has to be some type of system in place to separate the good from the not so great and terrible projects. To do this, albums are scored on a 5 point scale in 5 different categories that I like to refer to as the P.R.O.F.L.O.



One of the first draw-ins to a song is the beat. If it sounds dated, it’s going to rank lower than other records that sound like they were crafted in a time capsule.

Replay Value

Is the content on this album enough for me to come back & listen to it again? Does it incite any sort of emotion?


Did the artist stick to a formula that others are already using or has the person pushed his/her level of creativity? Is this person using the same go-to feature as others? Are they running to a producer for the same sound that they’ve heard from their peers?


Is the project cohesive? How well does each song transition? Is there filler? Are there layers in the cadences to the songs? Did he/she successfully execute in delivery?


Lyrics are the meat and potatoes of hip-hop. If there’s no substance in what is being said, people won’t be checking for future records from you. The ability to craft words together & tell a story goes a long ways in maintaining relevancy. Are the bars redundant? Are they easily predictable?



Overall score is based off adding up the separate scores and dividing them by the 5 categories. I don’t do half scores. Album score will be rounded up or down based depending on average.